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Services & Classes


Sound Healing Meditation

An age old method used to calm the mind and heal the body


A class designed with you in mind

Yoga Class
Energy Healing


Reiki Healing is a way to channel energy from the Master teacher to the client

Tension Release
Practitioner (massage)

Focusing on areas of stiffness and discomfort due to tension and stress

Back Massage
Yoga Pose Looking Up
Practicing Yoga

Simply Stretch

Improve mobility and balance at any age or capacity! Your body is ready, send it some love.

Foot Bath Meditation

Honor your soles 

Tarot Card Deck

Spiritual Card Readings

Description coming soon!

Spiritual Guidance

Description coming soon!

Image by Sarah Brown
Cute Notebooks

Creative Journaling

Description coming soon!

Ceremonial &
Ritualistic Dance

Description coming soon!

Dance Class

Mindfulness Paint Night

Description coming soon!

Weekly and seasonal add on activities are added
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