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When our body mind and spirit are nurtured, the human nervous system is operating in rest and digest. When we are operating from rest and digest, we experience feelings such as appreciation, love and joy more easily.
The opposite is true when our system is in fight/ flight; we will experience feelings on a lower vibration such as fear, lust, or unworthiness.

I am Estelle Tomasio and I would like the opportunity to co create a body mind spirit session with you. My intention is that we will find a skill to unlock and unblock limiting patterns. Those limited patterns capture space inside our bodies- A.K.A. stress- which evolves into physical aches pains.
Over the past 20 years, I have been applying healing touch through relaxing massage and tapping to help people release tension. I’ve undergone graduate level training in mental health counseling, and worked with the substance use disorder demographic. I’ve also been trained in Trauma Informed Care, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Botvin Life Sills curriculum. I’ve worked with children as young as 5 years old and adults in their 70s. I love connecting with people and am excited to unlock the key to this next door in my life as I continue on my path with The Key.
I would like to cordially invite you to mix and match your body mind spirit session; or allow me to help you decide which will best match your needs.

Included with each:

Body- We will explore the use of tapping, stretching, and healing touch

Mind- We will discuss negative thinking patterns and introduce skills using Trauma Informed Care and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy training to apply for more desirable thinking patterns.

Spirit- We will “try on” various meditation styles including dancing, chanting, and visualization. Additionally, coupling the meditation style with a variety of breath work style that fits your needs.

Body only 1 hour= $45
Body only 90 minutes= $60
Mind /Body 1 hour = $65
Mind /Body 90 minutes $70
Mind/Body/Spirit 1 hour= $85
Mind/Body/Spirit 90 minutes= $90
Mind only 30 minutes= $25
Mind only 60 minutes= $50
Spirit only 30 minutes= $25
Spirit only 60 minutes= $50

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